Reviewing The Latest Credit Card Promotions For 2019

Statistics prove that many Americans tend to be very loyal to their credit cards, even when better offers come out from competitors, such as lower interest rates, better perks and better rewards. Over 25% of people between the ages of 30 to 50 claim to have stood by their credit card, never even looking at other offers on the market. Senior citizens tend to be the most loyal to their preferred plastic brand, with over 31 percent of all senior citizens claiming to have kept the same credit card for one decade or longer. Loyalty has its place in life don’t get me wrong, but when it is costing you money, it is time to rethink things. Being loyal to a person is admirable, being loyal to a faceless corporation not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advising people to ditch their current credit cards in favor newer credit cards. Credit card loyalty does have one benefit, it can help if you should ever need to negotiate with your credit card company. Times this can come into play could be asking them not to report a late payment, or having a one time fee removed. A long standing credit card or two on your credit report that has a good payment history always gives your credit score a boost.

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Most people do not consider the fact that they do not have to ditch their current credit card in order to take advantage of a newer and better offer. In fact keeping an older credit card account open helps your credit score, since the age of your accounts counts for a decent amount of your FICO score. Yet there is no rules stating that you cannot apply for and take advantage of a newer and better offer that may come your way. Our website features reviews of the TOP credit card offers on the market. You just may be surprised at how much money you could save on interest, what credit card perks are available to you, what sign up bonuses are available to you, and what rewards you could be racking up over time with a new credit card. You will also boost your FICO score with responsible use of your shiny new credit card.

Today is the perfect time to look into a secondary credit card or even a third account. The reason being is that today credit card competition is stronger than ever, so credit card companies are constantly rolling out newer and better offers than ever before. Massive sign up bonuses such as 50,000 reward points or miles are common, with many credit card companies offering as much as $500 or more in rewards just for signing up. Credit card companies are offering the most lucrative rewards ever seen to date, so now is the time to consider taking advantage of these offers. Some of these credit card companies even allow you to transfer these points to hotel and airline partners programs, further maximizing your rewards value. You could combine two credit cards rewards to obtain as much as 100,000 points for a hotel or airlines reward programs.