Planning a dream vacation in 2014 by using a mileage rewards card

How To Save On Your Dream Vacation

A dream vacation does not have to cost an arm and a leg for a family. All that is required is a little bit of advanced planning and it is possible to be able to have a great vacation that is actually economical.

By using a mileage reward card it is possible to get great flights to amazing destinations for either a lowered price, or even for free. Many companies offer mileage reward cards, but some are better than others. Capital One offers one of the best mileage cards with their Venture One Rewards Credit Card. They offer 1.25 miles per purchases, and they give a bonus of ten thousand miles after using one thousand dollars within the first three months. Once all of the points are accumulated on the card you can redeem the points for airline tickets, hotels, and also for car rentals.

Bank of America also has a great travel rewards card. They offer 1.5 points for every 1 dollar purchase. They also offer 0% APR for the first year and you can use their credit card for all travel including flights, rental cars, and cruises.

Most travel rewards cards work in a similar manner. Once you have used the card for purchases then you have the option of using the points that you earn with the purchases for whatever you would like. Airlines work with the companies to convert your points into mileage.

To find out how many miles you would need, it is important to call the credit card company. For example if you were traveling from the UK to New York about 35,000 miles are needed for an economy flight. You would need to have accumulated at least that many points to be able to get that airline ticket for free. Apart from accumulating the points on your own, there are times when airlines or even the credit card company will offer great deals and you can get extra miles by making certain purchases, making it even easier to get the miles you need to travel.

Taking a vacation is always something that is great, but there is really nothing that could be better than getting a great vacation with a free flight. Quite often people take vacations to beautiful places and the most expensive thing is usually the flight, so if it is possible to get a free flight that would be a huge discount for any dream vacation. In reality using mileage programs to pay for flights is the best thing to do for anyone that travels. All that you are doing is using your mileage card to pay for things you would have bought anyway, but the advantages to using the cards are excellent.

Most people can qualify for a mileage card, so it is really worth it to try to get a good mileage card, because you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars on your next dream vacation.