Planning a Dream Vacation in 2013 with Your Free Card Miles

Planning a vacation in itself is a matter of great joy, and a time to leave the stress at home and enjoy a few days or weeks of complete relaxation, and hassle-free traveling means free card miles on your credit card of course. There are many credit card companies that have some really great travel rebates and offers with their card and offer them to their customers. However, there are definitely some cards that are better than others, offering a plethora of different services and rewards with their credit cards.

It’s great to plan ahead and pay attention to how many travel miles your card offers you. It is definitely a great idea to accumulate your travel points strategically and create large balances. This will help you to redeem a greater number of points and even ones in multiple programs, giving you the choice to pick the airline you like best. Once you do that, you can redeem the tickets against that particular airline and thus increase chances of your getting the rewards when you specifically want it.

Redeeming the travel points are a great idea when you feel like going off for a long holiday and don’t have to worry about the extra finances of traveling, simply because your credit card takes care of them easily. If you fly using a certain airlines frequently, and use your credit card to pay with, many companies give you special travel miles you can enjoy. With this frequent flyer program, you can enjoy major discounts with your air travel and even choose a chain of hotels to stay in for a much discounted price.

As a customer, you will be charged a certain annual fee, except the first year. For every stipulated amount you spend using the card, you earn points that you can redeem as an annual cash, or use them to pay for your stay at the chain of hotels that are mentioned in the card loyalty program. There are some card companies that give special offers to their customers, if they spend a certain fixed amount within the first 90 days. These rewards are in the form of travel points and extra miles, which can be redeemed against domestic flights.

This means, the card lets you travel free up to a certain distance, for instance, up to 2000 miles, or two free flights, depending on the fine print, rules and regulations of the company. In fact, many credit card companies give you free travel insurance, or a choice to pay for lifetime travel insurance. And with a small amount you can enjoy major benefits, along with immunity in case you face and travel related mishaps, like accidents, lost baggage or
even delayed baggage and even reimbursing in case of misplaced items.

Some card companies even offer prepaid gratuities instead of travel insurance. All-in-all, credit cards are the next best thing for you to plan a dream vacation in 2019. With all the different rewards, offers, discounts and travel bonuses, it is hard to stay away from such lucrative offers.