How to Utilize Rewards Cards For Shopping Online During Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday comes with many discounted products signifying the season for shopping. Gifts are a priority during holiday season and according to a survey by Capital One, about 59 percent of budgets during holidays consider gifts and 20 percent budget for meals. This shows that gifts are important considerations in holiday than even meals. This also affects the way the cash in those cards is utilized.

And, as the vice president of reward programs at Capital One, Amy Lenander says, customers only remember to use the rewards gathered on the cards they use most while other cards, which are not used frequently, may lie with unredeemed points. It is time to dig up and find the forgotten points so that you can use them during the holiday season. Not redeeming rewards is one common mistake consumers make especially when there are great discounts offered on products.

Consumers may need to register for revolving categories and particularly reward cards, which offer 5 percent discounts. These cards are ideal for holiday because it is the time you spend much, and the right time you should optimize the use of your credit card. From Cyber Monday through New Year, there are cards offering 5 percent on revolving categories. Discover Cash back offers a 5 percent bonus for online shopping on items such as electronics, apparel, gifts, and toys.

With much money going to buying of gift cards, it is important to check for discounted gift cards in order to get more spending power. Capital one and American Express are offering special holiday deals at 20 percent and 10 percent off on selected gift cards that are purchased through their rewards portal sites. Consumers can maximize returns on their gift card purchases by seeking for discounted cards and use them to purchase gifts.

What you do is use the reward points to buy a discounted gift card and save money. Then use that discounted gift card to buy merchandize that is going for off sale discounts too, and this means that you will double-rip the discounts saving substantial amount of money. One easy way you can get extra payoff when shopping during holidays is to shop through rewards portals.

You need to remember to begin your shopping experience at the portal of your reward program. Shopping through your rewards portal provides you with an opportunity to gather more points, which you could use when you are trapped out. It may not save you money but you get an opportunity to collect points fast, which you can use when things go bad. When customers are shopping online and not through the credit card rewards malls, they miss out on incremental earning.

Opportunities are there and it is up to you to optimize your reward cards but if you do not take advantage of them, you are missing out on many things. If you directly purchase products from online retailers without going through the ultimate reward portal, then you are doing a disservice to yourself.