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Should Consumers Apply for a Credit Card Through a Mail Solicitation, or Should They Only Use Review Websites.

You may be regularly getting pre-approved credit card offers in your mailbox and wonder if you will automatically get approved for one of these credit cards if you apply. These pre-approved credit card offers do not mean that that you are really pre-approved. The reason why they send you the pre-approved offer is that they predict that your credit score will fall in the range of their credit score requirements. They will only pull up your credit report if you apply for the credit card. If you has a long track history record of good credit score, it is likely that they will approve your credit card application.

If your credit score is average, you might get approved for a card with terms that are not as nice as the one advertised in the offer. In this case, it is recommended that you apply for the card through a credit card review site. The credit card review site has a link that takes you to the online form where you can fill and get an estimate quote of the interest rate. This allows you to know whether you will be approved for sure before proceeding in applying for the credit card.

There is no obligation to accept the credit card offer when you get pre-approved. It is not a problem to submit a lot of credit card application forms because the credit card company will not perform any hard inquiry on your credit report. They will only perform the hard inquiry once you confirm that you accept the credit card offer.

One benefit of signing up through a review site is that you can compare the credit card offers including APR interest rate, monthly payment, loan term and fees. The well-organized information about each of the credit card offers makes it easy for you to choose the most suitable credit card. When you are interested in a card, you can click the link to the review site to visit the official credit card page and get up to date details. You can also contact the credit card company if you need to confirm the information you just saw at the review site about the credit cards.

If you rashly sign up a pre-approved credit card offer, you may be missing other credit card deals that offer even better terms. The credit card review site offers detailed reviews on different credit cards and reading these reviews can help you to determine whether the credit card is a good value to you. The writer of the review actually signs up for that particular credit card so he calls tell you the pros and cons. The review will also discuss how the rewards program may work for you.

Which Credit Cards From Citigroup are Offering the Best Sign Up Bonuses for 2017

A credit card sign up bonus is a fnancial bonus granted to the credit card holder when a minimum spending requirement is met. The sign up bonus varies across different Citi credit cards. The following are the top 4 credit cards from Citigroup with the best signup bonuses in the year 2017.

1. Citi Prestige

Citi Prestige will reward you with 40,000 bonus points as the sign up bonus when you spend a minimum of $4,000 in the first 3 months. The points can be redeemed with a variety of stuff such as gift cards, voucher for travel purchases and etc. if you book a hotel for 4 consecutive days through the concierge service, they will offer one free night stay at the hotel. If you book the hotel room after July, the complimentary 4th night will be based on your average room booking rate. You will get free access to a lot of VIP lounges. It offers 3x ThankYou points on air travel and 2x ThankYou Points on restaurant and entertainment. Citi Prestige charges a $450 annual fee and each authorized user is also charged a $50 annual fee.

2. Citi ThankYou Premier
Citi ThankYou Premier will reward card holders with a total of 40,000 bonus ThankYou Points if they meet the minimum spending of $3,000 in 3 months. It offers 3x ThankYou points for per dollar spent on gas and Lyft rides. You get rewarded with 2x ThankYou points on restaurant and entertainment. You can use the points to redeem some discounts at certain loyalty programs such as Singapore Airlines and Hilton Hhonors. Citi ThankYou Premier charges a $95 annual fee but the fee is not charged on the authorized users.

3. Citi ThankYou Preferred Card for College Students

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card for College Students allows you to redeem a signup bonus of 1,5000 ThankYou points provided that you spend $1,000 in a period of 3 months. The 15,000 ThankYou points is equivalent to $150 in gift card. The card will reward you with 2x ThankYou points when you spend money on restaurant and entertainment. All other purchases made with the card will still get 1x ThankYou Point. The bonus points can be redeemed for deduction in bill or in the form of a gift card. Citi ThankYou Preferred Card is ideal for college students who want to earn points while using the card to pay for their expenses during their college studies. Citi ThankYou Preferred card does not have annual fee. The authorized users added to the card also won’t be charge annual fee.

4. Citi Aadvantage Platinum Select

Citi Aadvantage Platinum Select is offering 50,000 bonus miles for anyone who spend at least $3,000 within 3 months. It offers several American Airlines perks including free first checked bag, group 1 boarding and 25% discount on in flight purchases. It offers 2 x Aadvantage miles everytime you spend a dollar on American Airlines. All other purchases that do not belong to Aadvantage will still be rewarded with 1x Aadvantage mile. You can use the Aadvantage miles that you have accumulated to redeem your next trip.

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How to Utilize Rewards Cards For Shopping Online During Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday comes with many discounted products signifying the season for shopping. Gifts are a priority during holiday season and according to a survey by Capital One, about 59 percent of budgets during holidays consider gifts and 20 percent budget for meals. This shows that gifts are important considerations in holiday than even meals. This also affects the way the cash in those cards is utilized.

And, as the vice president of reward programs at Capital One, Amy Lenander says, customers only remember to use the rewards gathered on the cards they use most while other cards, which are not used frequently, may lie with unredeemed points. It is time to dig up and find the forgotten points so that you can use them during the holiday season. Not redeeming rewards is one common mistake consumers make especially when there are great discounts offered on products.

Consumers may need to register for revolving categories and particularly reward cards, which offer 5 percent discounts. These cards are ideal for holiday because it is the time you spend much, and the right time you should optimize the use of your credit card. From Cyber Monday through New Year, there are cards offering 5 percent on revolving categories. Discover Cash back offers a 5 percent bonus for online shopping on items such as electronics, apparel, gifts, and toys.

With much money going to buying of gift cards, it is important to check for discounted gift cards in order to get more spending power. Capital one and American Express are offering special holiday deals at 20 percent and 10 percent off on selected gift cards that are purchased through their rewards portal sites. Consumers can maximize returns on their gift card purchases by seeking for discounted cards and use them to purchase gifts.

What you do is use the reward points to buy a discounted gift card and save money. Then use that discounted gift card to buy merchandize that is going for off sale discounts too, and this means that you will double-rip the discounts saving substantial amount of money. One easy way you can get extra payoff when shopping during holidays is to shop through rewards portals.

You need to remember to begin your shopping experience at the portal of your reward program. Shopping through your rewards portal provides you with an opportunity to gather more points, which you could use when you are trapped out. It may not save you money but you get an opportunity to collect points fast, which you can use when things go bad. When customers are shopping online and not through the credit card rewards malls, they miss out on incremental earning.

Opportunities are there and it is up to you to optimize your reward cards but if you do not take advantage of them, you are missing out on many things. If you directly purchase products from online retailers without going through the ultimate reward portal, then you are doing a disservice to yourself.

What Retail Stores Are Offering The Best In Store Credit Finance Offers For Holiday Purchases

With the holidays right around the corner, the average consumer is going to finance the vast majority of their purchases. May is the month when this consumer will pay off the last of the holiday bills. On the same token, retailers more than ever are vying for your business. As a result, when you open a store’s credit card, you have the chance to win by saving huge on interest with the best “same as cash” offers this holiday season.

Wal-Mart is currently offering 6-24 month no interest special financing when you spend certain dollar threshold amounts in one transaction. $150.00-$298.99 will buy you 6 months same as cash. $299-428.99 is 12 months while $429-$598.99 will get you 18 months no interest. Any single purchase of $599 or more will earn you 24 months same as cash. As an added bonus if you spend $75.00 or more on your first transaction you will receive a $25.00 statement credit.

The Sears credit card offers either an extra discount or 12 months same as cash in select categories. This offer is good for $499 or more in appliances, $299 or more in fitness, or $1,500 on heating or cooling systems. If you are also a member of Shop Your Way Rewards, Sears’s free loyalty point program, use the credit card to receive an extra 10% in points at: Sears, Kmart, Land’s End, and Sears Outlet stores and online.

Apple will also let you pay off your new iPad Air or MacBook in installments. This credit card gives you 6 months on purchases on $498.99 or less, $499-$1597.99 will give you 12 months. Purchases of $1599 or more will give you 18 months interest free.

Big box electronics store Best Buy is also offered a tiered financing program for the holidays. 6 months is allowable for purchases of $149.00 or more. Any purchase of $429 or more is given 18 months no interest. Both of these offers are storewide. On HDTV or home theater purchases as well as Geek Squad home theater installation purchases of $599 or more will receive 24 months no interest.

There are some great financing offers through retail credit cards this holiday season. All of these offers are based on timely minimum payments due each month. If a payment is not made on time or is skipped, the interest rate will automatically default to the normal interest rate. With most cards, if the balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional cycle, the interest is retroactive. Retroactive interest is that the credit card company will charge you interest from the first day you made the purchase; this can add up to hundreds of dollars. Pay the balance by the end of the promotional period and enjoy the savings and less stress financing offers can provide.

How to Determine Which Zero Percent Credit Card Offer to Apply For

When debts on your credit cards are attracting high interest rates, you might consider transferring the balance to new card that attracts lower interest rate. This might sound like a simple and enticing thing but consumers need to be careful when choosing a 0 percent balance transfer card. The benefit of using 0 percent transfer comes when you pay back the amount you are owned at the low interest rate within the intro period.

However, if you fail to pay back at the given intro period, you suffer from high interest rates levied after the introductory period. The card you choose should have a longer period of introductory rates. There are cards offering 12, 15, and 18 months of intro rates. The longer the period, the more you are likely to benefit from the deal.

Besides, there is a recent twist on balance transfers where the issuers offer a combined 0 percent transfer with an introductory rate granted on purchases. These hybrid offers can help consumers to enjoy the 0 percent transfers as well as use their cards for purchases. The concept of two-headed credit card balance transfers may be counterproductive especially for consumers who are struggling to get out from high interest rates.

Paying off balance on a card, which is also the mainstream source of spending on inexpensive purchases, can cause troubles. The consumers may be lured to spend more and end up carrying more balances, which they are not able to clear within the introductory period. This could create a cycle of high interest rates thus not achieving the goal of getting out from such hefty rates.

Issuers offer hybrid 0 percent cards to lure customers to spend on the same card. However, if these cards are used properly, they could benefit the consumer in two ways. First, they can enjoy the no-interest rate transfers and at the same time benefit from 0 percent on purchases through the same card. The non-promotional credit card interest rates also need to be examined properly.

Consumer need to look at the interest rates levied after the promotional period. This is important because if your balance is not paid during this period, the rate could be so high. If the card attracts higher interest after the intro period, you better be careful because the plans to pay off your card balance may go awry and you are hit hard by very high interest rates.

It is also hard to determine how your card issuer will apply payment when you are carrying a balance on 0 percent transfer rate and at the same time you are using the card for new purchases. Issuers will mostly apply the total minimum payment to the lowest interest rate debt. This could prolong the repayment time and also the interest charges on the high interest debt.

To avoid dual-interest rates charged on balances, you should refrain from using balance transfers for new purchases. If you critically evaluate the terms of the 0 percent transfer card, you may be able to get one that serves you better and eliminates the balance attracting high interest rate. The aim of getting a zero transfer rate on balance is to get rid of the debt and start enjoying lower credit rates.

Plan Your Holiday Spending With a Zero Percent Card offer Through 2019

How can you still shop for all the people you care about, and not fall into debt that will take over a year to pay off, with high interest rates that overshadow any deals you saved money with? The holiday season is approaching quickly. With all the cheer and family time, it is because of high interest, it also a time when some people rack up some unnecessary credit card debt. This year, you can spread your holiday budget much further by taking advantage of our zero percent interest credit card offer.

A zero percent interest credit card throughout 2019 means that you will pay no interest at all, on your holiday spending if you pay off the balance within the year. This offer is to the advantage of qualified card holders.

If you pay off your 2019 holiday purchases in 2019 you will be a savvy shopper. If it takes you a little longer, the interest rates will increase, however you will still not be charged for the amount you already paid through the year. The interest rates will only increase on the remaining balance.

Qualified shoppers can plan their holiday spending based on this offer and still give as much this year, without falling into the cycle of high interest rates that are hard to catch up on through the year. Everyone knows that love and family time are the main focus during the holidays, but it would be naïve to not recognize a little bit more money is needed in December. Whether the extra spending is on traveling to family, or gifts, or entertaining expenses, it is still extra money out of your pocket. A zero percent card offer can make these expenses a little less of a burden.

With the economy in all time lows, credit card companies are increasing their perks to encourage customers continue to use credit for gift purchases and other holiday expenses. This zero percent credit offer allows the holiday economic boost to still occur during tough times, without hurting the consumers bank account when they try to pay it back through the year.

Wise holiday spending means not going overboard and falling into a credit scheme that has you paying back much more than you spent on the gifts in interest rates. Many times consumers will be making payments on credit purchases from the year before, the next Christmas. This zero percent offer allows consumers to stop the cycle by not charging outlandish interest rates.

Take advantage of this offer while it is available for your holiday spending. If you are going to be making these purchases on credit anyway, you might as well go with the card that offers the most to the consumer in 2019.

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Planning a dream vacation in 2019 by using a mileage rewards card

How To Save On Your Dream Vacation

A dream vacation does not have to cost an arm and a leg for a family. All that is required is a little bit of advanced planning and it is possible to be able to have a great vacation that is actually economical.

By using a mileage reward card it is possible to get great flights to amazing destinations for either a lowered price, or even for free. Many companies offer mileage reward cards, but some are better than others. Capital One offers one of the best mileage cards with their Venture One Rewards Credit Card. They offer 1.25 miles per purchases, and they give a bonus of ten thousand miles after using one thousand dollars within the first three months. Once all of the points are accumulated on the card you can redeem the points for airline tickets, hotels, and also for car rentals.

Bank of America also has a great travel rewards card. They offer 1.5 points for every 1 dollar purchase. They also offer 0% APR for the first year and you can use their credit card for all travel including flights, rental cars, and cruises.

Most travel rewards cards work in a similar manner. Once you have used the card for purchases then you have the option of using the points that you earn with the purchases for whatever you would like. Airlines work with the companies to convert your points into mileage.

To find out how many miles you would need, it is important to call the credit card company. For example if you were traveling from the UK to New York about 35,000 miles are needed for an economy flight. You would need to have accumulated at least that many points to be able to get that airline ticket for free. Apart from accumulating the points on your own, there are times when airlines or even the credit card company will offer great deals and you can get extra miles by making certain purchases, making it even easier to get the miles you need to travel.

Taking a vacation is always something that is great, but there is really nothing that could be better than getting a great vacation with a free flight. Quite often people take vacations to beautiful places and the most expensive thing is usually the flight, so if it is possible to get a free flight that would be a huge discount for any dream vacation. In reality using mileage programs to pay for flights is the best thing to do for anyone that travels. All that you are doing is using your mileage card to pay for things you would have bought anyway, but the advantages to using the cards are excellent.

Most people can qualify for a mileage card, so it is really worth it to try to get a good mileage card, because you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars on your next dream vacation.

How Retails Store Cards Can Backfire If You Miss A Payment And Lose The Promo Rate

Shoppers are constantly being offered retail store cards with special promotion rates. While it may seem tempting at the time to open up a store card for an additional 10% off today’s purchase, in the long run it is often not worth it. The cards tend to have some store-specific benefits and perks but otherwise they are generally harmful to one’s credit. This is especially true if you miss even one payment which means a loss of the promotional rate as well as the promotional financing.

To begin with, retail store cards generally have a brief grace period such as “0% interest for 6 months” but once that time is over the interest rates tend to be exorbitantly high. They are generally at least 20% to 20% which is substantially higher than a traditional credit card. This means that if you spend $100 at a store but do not make any payments during the grace period, that balance will become $120 immediately after 6 months. As you can imagine, it will increase exponentially after that.

Another downside of this scenario is that it encourages debt
. This is because a store credit card makes it easy for people to charge high amounts and the issuer will almost always raise the credit limit on a store card even without request. This encourages you to spend more than your means while at the store without thinking about the high interest rates that will eventually lead to you owing substantially more than you spent in the first place. It can quickly turn into a vicious cycle of payments.

Maintaining a good credit rating is vitally important and this particular scenario can detrimentally effect a credit score. Even applying for the card will influence a credit score. However, missing a payment or waiting until the promotional rate has passed can begin to greatly lower even a good credit score. This is because as the charges on the store card get closer to the limit, the balance and use increases which lowers a credit score. It is not worth it to have a retail store card negatively change your credit score.

In addition, credit utilization rates are effected by retail store cards greatly and missing a payment can make this number go up even higher. For ideal credit, one should never carry a balance of more than 20% the store card. This means that if a store card provides a credit limit of $1000, you should never carry a balance of $200 or more. Unfortunately, when it comes to retail store cards most people have higher balances than 20% which makes their credit utilization rate look bad and in turn harms the credit score further.

In conclusion, opening a store card at a retail storefront or online merchant may seem appealing at the time. However, missing even one payment or waiting until the promotional rate is over can have detrimental effects on credit scores, credit utilization rates, and bank accounts. It encourages debt and may lead to long term financial struggles as the interest rates continues to make it difficult to make payments.

What Are The Best Retail Store Credit Card Promotions

When looking for the best retail store credit card promotions, it can become very time consuming especially around the holidays and the various options that can be offered to those that have fair to perfect credit. In some cases, you will find store credit card promotions pertaining to those with bad credit which allow one a second chase at obtaining a good credit history. However, when apply to second case credit cards you may not get the best offers when it comes to rewards, cash back, or low to no annual percentage rates. In order to make your search a lot smoother, it is highly recommended that you utilized the internet to the best of your ability while finding the card that is most suitable for your shopping needs. The question is, where and when is the best place and time to look for these store credit card promotions?

When it comes to searching for the best retail credit card promotions online, it is best to go to a website that enables shoppers to compare the cards’ features and promotion side by side. In most cases, if you enter your favorite online retail store, you will find, when inquiring about a store credit card, you will be able to compare your card to their competitor’s. On the other hand, going to your favorite online retail store may not be the best way to compare your card due to the fact that they may not provide all store credit card promotions.

If you are a fan of major retail store such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Target, Sears, or TJ Maxx you know that they offer credit card for regular shoppers. However, in order to be approved for the card you must meet their credit requirements. If approved, you will get to enjoy the amazing cash back rewards, discounts, and even low to no annual percentage rates that comes with the card. In this day in age, free shipping is also one of the common offers being handled to worthy customers. However, you must compare the cards in order to obtain one that you will benefit from the most. To put it differently, choose a card that fits your shopping needs.

So when is the best time to start applying for these retail store credit card? The best time to start applying for a store credit card is either at the beginning of the year (during tax season) or after summer/early fall. The reason behind this theory is due to the fact that many people prefer to shopping only during these times of the years. This allows retails to step up their games and veer as many, customers as possible, their way in order to meet their annual quota when due time. If you pay attention, you will notice when, where, and why retailers offer great deals during these certain times of the year.

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Card companies will begin to ramp up offers geared towards 2019

Right now people are in a rush to find a credit card that offers more benefits than the average credit card. The latest credit card news shows that there are big changes occurring with several credit card companies and other financial institutions. This will certainly dramatically affect their status in the financial world and affect customers in general. For example, several high profile banks no longer accept joint credit card account applications. Others have tightened their financial requirements for an account. Consumers are looking for a bank that still allows certain privileges and other options like low interest rates or no interest rates. In this article we explore those deals. Here is a guide to finding top credit card offers for 2019.

Large credit card companies are actively recruiting new credit card members daily. They bait new customers with a number of great offers that seem too good to be true. Well, buyer beware. It is always a good practice to check out all those credit card company offers that encourage you to sign up or switch credit card companies. This fact certainly applies to finding top credit card offers for 2019. Don’t fall for the first attractive offer. Learn to look beneath the fine print. Consumers often fall for those low interest credit card deals. For example, the credit card company offers an unusually low interest rate. Read the fine print. The low interest rate might be for several months. Then the interest fees return to an all time high rate. The consumer loses and the credit card company wins.

The best advice or guide to finding top credit card offers for 2019 is seriously looking at their offers with a microscope. For example, numerous credit card companies ply consumers with no interest credit cards or low interest credit cards. This very attractive low interest or no interest rate is only temporary. After that, there is no inherit advantage to switching to the new credit card company. In fact, it might affect your overall credit card history.

Next, let’s look at credit card companies in general. Consumers know they want the lowest fees. Financial experts suggest comparing and contrasting several credit card companies to find the top credit card offers for 2019. Compare the companies based on the features that they offer the consumer. For example, compare their interest rates, along with popular rewards. Find credit cards that offer the benefits in 2019 that you really want. For example, most consumers also want cash back, travel rewards, gas points. Remember, that there are numerous ways to find this information via the Internet. Increase the odds of finding that top credit card offer for 2019 by following the information in this guide.