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Should Consumers Apply for a Credit Card Through a Mail Solicitation, or Should They Only Use Review Websites.

You may be regularly getting pre-approved credit card offers in your mailbox and wonder if you will automatically get approved for one of these credit cards if you apply. These pre-approved credit card offers do not mean that that you are really pre-approved. The reason why they send you the pre-approved offer is that they predict that your credit score will fall in the range of their credit score requirements. They will only pull up your credit report if you apply for the credit card. If you has a long track history record of good credit score, it is likely that they will approve your credit card application.

If your credit score is average, you might get approved for a card with terms that are not as nice as the one advertised in the offer. In this case, it is recommended that you apply for the card through a credit card review site. The credit card review site has a link that takes you to the online form where you can fill and get an estimate quote of the interest rate. This allows you to know whether you will be approved for sure before proceeding in applying for the credit card.

There is no obligation to accept the credit card offer when you get pre-approved. It is not a problem to submit a lot of credit card application forms because the credit card company will not perform any hard inquiry on your credit report. They will only perform the hard inquiry once you confirm that you accept the credit card offer.

One benefit of signing up through a review site is that you can compare the credit card offers including APR interest rate, monthly payment, loan term and fees. The well-organized information about each of the credit card offers makes it easy for you to choose the most suitable credit card. When you are interested in a card, you can click the link to the review site to visit the official credit card page and get up to date details. You can also contact the credit card company if you need to confirm the information you just saw at the review site about the credit cards.

If you rashly sign up a pre-approved credit card offer, you may be missing other credit card deals that offer even better terms. The credit card review site offers detailed reviews on different credit cards and reading these reviews can help you to determine whether the credit card is a good value to you. The writer of the review actually signs up for that particular credit card so he calls tell you the pros and cons. The review will also discuss how the rewards program may work for you.