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Perks and Promotions Going Mainstream and Now Offered With Debit Card Transactions

Perks and Promotions with Debit Cards

There was a time when customers with high credit ratings were privy to exclusive benefits offered only by credit cards. Now these same perks and promotions are offered through debit card transactions. There are three different types of cards from which to choose.

Pre-paid debit cards allow a customer to directly deposit their payroll check or other monies onto a debit card without a regular checking account. For instance, American Express offers a $50 credit for customers that apply for their prepaid debit card and has direct deposit of a paycheck. Once formerly the most exclusive credit card provider in the world, American Express now offers the Serve® Prepaid Debit Card to customers without a credit check or checking account.

A Special-Themed debit card is a card that comes from a particular brand or store such as Disney®, in which certain loyalty programs are offered as incentives to buy from their store. Once exclusive only to customers who applied for credit cards, Disney now offers year-around perks to customers who choose one of their logo designs as their special-themed debit card when they open a checking account with JP Morgan Chase® Bank. Disney’s year-around perks includes 10% off at Disney Stores® and®. They also offer year-around specials at their amusement parks in Florida and California such as private Character Meet-and-Greets and 10% off of merchandise.

And then there are the regular Banking debit cards that come with a personal checking account. After opening the checking account, customers are usually required to enroll in a program for a fee that allows them to earn rewards for their debit card purchases. Although a bank can offer all three types of debit cards, it is usually the checking account debit cards that offer the highest amounts for their debit card users. For instance, Bank of America offers a 3% cashback award when a customer makes a purchase at grocery stores, a 2% cash back award for purchases made at gas stations, and a 1% cashback award for all other purchases.

Even the online banks, without brick-and-mortar locations, are offering amazing benefits for customers. Take a look at the Perk Street Financial bank, an online bank exclusively, which offers all the features of a regular checking account and more. For instance, Perk Street Financial offers 1% cashback on all purchases made with the debit card, but 2% cash back for purchases made with online retailers such as®. They also offer special incentive points as a loyalty program in which specials are emailed to a customer’s inbox and they can choose cashback as a reward or a gift card from a store like Target®, Walmart, Amazon® or Applebee’s®.

Sometimes stores offer prepaid debit cards as sweepstakes promotions for brand recognition with some of the same programs as banks. The great news about all special perks and promotions is that a customer can choose to experience these benefits through a high interest credit card or choose to experience these benefits with the swipe of a debit card.

What Credit Cards Are Popular For Summer Vacation Savings In 2013

The credit card industry is changing in many ways, but one of the most popular changes has to do with all the perks. For consumers looking to maximize their use of a travel credit card to reap rewards for hotels, rental cars, airlines, then we have picked out some great cards that can help you get the best use of your charges. The credit cards provide a lot of savings for anyone that is looking for points or rewards.

Discover Cards

The Discover cards come in various flavors, but the Discover cash back card is probably one of the best ways for people to save. This company will often give extra points in the summer months for things like grocery store and movie purchases. It usually changes in terms of points and categories. Every season is different, but Discover offers extra points for people that make summer purchases on entertainment.

The Discover card users also have the chance to get gift cards from certain places if they spend a certain amount during the summer. This is why so many people are using their Discover cards for the summer months.

Citibank Rewards

The Citibank bank cards that offer the Thank You rewards are also quite popular for the summer. This is a card that has just changed with 2 points for everyone that has purchases for restaurants.

New people that get these cards have the ability to possibly qualify for $150 gift cards and balance transfers. There are things that really allow people to increase their summer savings with very little effort.

People like the Citibank cards because these cards give users points for spending in everyday places that they already are going to. There is no need look for another card because this one of the best possible solutions for the summer.

American Express Blue Card

The summer vacation can be a lot more pleasant when people are using the American Express card. The thing that really helps people save money with the American Express card is the shopping mall that is linked to the Blue Card. When people are shopping online with this card they have 3X the number of points that they would usually get. This is important for people that want to accumulate points for gift cards.

There are a lot of different gift cards that people can select according to different point levels. All of these cards for gas, restaurants and generalized gift cards allow many people to save most of their expense money and use gift cards. This is how a lot of people save in the summer. Some people do not even bother to travel further than the gift cards amounts that they have.

Capital One Cash Back Card

The cash back card that has been getting a lot of attention is Capital One Cash Back card. This is a credit card that gives the most cash back and there are no annual fees associated with this card. Lots of people have seen the commercials that are done by the celebrities for this card.

The credit card industry is quite competitive. Many cards have multiple perks. People that are taking a summer vacation will have some real savings when the use credit cards.